Pinterest: Nailed or Failed? Thrifted Succulent Planter

I’ve had this image from pinned on my Pinterest Craft Inspiration board for a bit, and finally found the perfect teapot while I was out thrifting at the end of February.

Watch this little YouTube video of me (who has never had a green thumb!) try my darndest to recreate this project.

The verdict?  Well – part nail….part fail.

Here’s what went wrong.  I either should have used a bigger teapot, or stuck with one plant.  I should have used less soil in any case, so that it was well below the spout, because when you water the plants, the soil goes up the spout, and stays there – – this is not attractive at all!

So…I think I’ll dismantle this project, and try again, with just one plant, and move the other two to some other planters that have room to spare.