About Me

There’s a lot that I could say about who I am – a wife, a mother, a creative soul – but I suspect that it will be a lot more helpful and interesting to know more about how “Wishes and Weeds” came to be.

I appreciate old things in a way I suspect many people don’t.  That being said, I know there are a large number of people who are equally excited when they see beyond an object’s surface layer of chipped paint and a little rust,  a dent or two and some fraying.  What we see is an object that has been well made, that was important in some past owner’s life, which is elevated beyond mere utility by excellent workmanship, beauty in the design, and an inherent value merely because it was saved. We are the people who see treasures, when most other people see trash.

This reminds me of dandelions.  When a small child brings these bright and cheerful blossoms to his mother, she doesn’t see a handful of weeds clutched in a grubby, chubby fist. She sees the tangible evidence of care and love between mother and child all condensed into a beautiful bouquet which is then tenderly transferred to a cup of water on the kitchen table. And when those yellow petals fall away and are replaced by soft, white puffballs we all still close our eyes, make a wish, and blow the tiny seeds suspended on tiny threadlike parachutes into the breeze.

I’m always delighted when I meet those people who see wishes rather than weeds, and for this reason, I’m delighted that you found my website.  My goal in creating “Wishes and Weeds” is to share beautiful old things, demonstrate how-to projects to enhance the allure and utility of carefully selected treasures, and to put these treasures into the lives of people who share my passion for discovering much value in pieces others might see as nothing much.