AH – Yard Sale Season is FINALLY HERE!!!


Don’t let that snow fool you!  Yard sale season has officially started – and this one that we visited yesterday was great!  My eldest son was visiting for the weekend and agreed to go sale-ing with me.  Hanging out with old mom always means and adventure is at hand.

The lady running this yard sale (with a weirdly huge collection of Hanna Montana gear) had to shame Marc into posing with this cardboard cutout of Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus — he wouldn’t do it for me!  She took a photo too, to send to her now-adult-daughter who was the owner of all of the HM stuff.  Of course I’ve now plastered this picture all over social media.

Anyway – we travelled far and wide – and filled up my little Chevy Cruze.  You can check out my finds by watching my YouTube channel Wishes and Weeds: