2nd Pinterest – Nail or Fail? NAILED

I pinned this project nearly four years ago!

I’ve kept it in the back of my mind since that time, and this past weekend, I finally got the chance to bring my version to life.

The original project poster gave really comprehensive instructions, so in my post, I’ve spent a little time on tips to prepare the empty Lysol wipes container.  Getting a perfect surface takes a bit of attention.


Besides the empty container, the only other equipment required is:

  • scrapbook paper
  • a small brush
  • Mod Podge





See the printed type on the container?  Yeah, it won’t wash off.  But you can use acetone!  A little dab with a paper towel and it’s gone in a flash.  Now, when it comes to removing the label, there’s going to be some big blobs of glue remaining.  Using your hair dryer, warm the glue, and peel up as much glue as possible.  Don’t get it too hot, or you may warp the container (or burn yourself!).  What’s left will come off with another paper towel dampened with a bit of acetone.


Now you’re good to go.  Here’s video to show you how I did it: