Happy Birthday to Me — I got an Instant Pot!!!!

We have been in the midst of a bone chilling cold snap since before New Years.  It’s been brutal!  Naturally, when Jack Frost comes nipping, our minds turn to soft and cozy things, quiet contemplation, and comfort food.  I’ve been thinking about getting an Instant Pot for a few weeks, and this past weekend, I brought one home!  I also bought one for my youngest son, and arranged for one to be delivered to my other son and his wife out in Halifax.

It wasn’t easy!  It was so cold out – the kind of cold where your nose hairs freeze together – I couldn’t bear the idea of getting into my cold car and scraping the frost off the windows as the wind stabbed me with icy needles. So, ever resourceful, I texted my son (who has heated seats in his new car) and convinced him to take me shopping.  But we had to go to four different stores before we achieved our goal!  Instant Pots were a very popular Christmas gift this year, and the stores haven’t restocked yet.

Before I decided that I needed to bring home my own Instant Pot, I asked the gentle folks on The Hygge Nook facebook group for their thoughts. The consensus was enthusiastic – – some members have more than one Instant Pot, and use them regularly – – and recipes recommended.

The learning curve is steep – there’s a lot of technology here!  But I successfully prepared my first Instant Pot meal: Beef & Broccoli.  It was a little confusing – but somehow, I stumbled through it and served up a very satisfying dinner.  Since it’s just me and my husband at home now, there was leftovers of course, but who’s complaining?

My next trial went somewhat more smoothly.  Clearly, the operation gets easier with practice.  Stuffed Green Pepper Casserole. This was another winner, and looks like I have lunch for work tomorrow!